Our Vibes


Blue Culture is more than just a name brand, it's about taking charge and being the captain of your life; exploring our earth and discovering everything our Mother Earth has provided us with. Whether you're down in the Florida Keys fishing for monstrous pelagic fish, over in Indonesia shredding some killer waves, or just enjoying the soft melody of the ocean waves meeting the shore at sunset... We are about creating and promoting a culture that not only enjoys everything our earth has to offer, but actively tries to preserve and protect it. So that our future generations can live the Blue Culture lifestyle.

Our Artist


Jasmine Jones

Jasmine is a born and raised native of Key West, FL. She grew up in a household that had a fundamental appreciation for the ocean. As a child, she became inspired by the tranquil landscapes of the Florida Keys; and as an adult that inspiration manifested into her art. “What really is the most beautiful part of the ocean, for me, is the colors that occur within it. Seeing the way blues, teals, and turquoises seamlessly blend together in endless combinations is my favorite part about living on this island”.